The first step in fighting vaginal infection.

Product Information


Each vaginal tablet contains 10mg hexetidine.


-Colonization of the vagina with Gram-positive and Gram-negative bacteria such as Gardenerella vaginalis.
-For the prevention of the pathological germs in the vagina, e.g., as pre-operative prophylaxis before vaginal surgery.
-Premature rupture of membranes.


Hexetidine (vagi-hex) should not be used with patients with known allergy to hexetidine.

Adverse Effects

In rare cases a burning sensation and itching in the vagina may occur after the application of Hexetidine (vagi-hex). The possibility of contact allergy due to hexetidine cannot be excluded.

Precautions and Warnings

-Hexetidine (vagi-hex) must not be used in the first three months of pregnancy, as there is no experience available on the safety aspects for the period.
-If there is a burning sensation in the vagina after using, the treatement should be discontinued.


The vaginal tablet is poorly compatible with latex products. (e.g vaginal diaphragms, condoms) and may lower their stability (tensile strength).

Dosage and Administration

The following instructions apply, unless your doctor has prescribed Hexetidine (vagi-hex) for you differently. Please adhere to the Instruction for Use, as otherwise Hexetidine (vagi-hex) cannot act correctly.

Unless prescribed otherwise, the standard dosage is 2 vaginal tablets per day.

Hexetidine is available in the form of 10mg vaginal tablets. The vaginal tablet is to be inserted deep into the vagina - preferably in the lying position. As a rule, for preoperative prophylaxis the duration of the treatment is 5 days, with an optimal dosage of 2 x 10 mg per day, applied mornings and evenings. According to the available clinical data periods of the treatment up to 21 days have been reached and were tolerated without problems, depending on the condition to be treated, e.g to reduce bacterial invasion in pelvic infections.

The duration of the use of Hexetidine (vagi-hex) for the anti-septic treatment of the vagina in the case of premature rupture of membranes depends on the course of the condition.

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